The Multi-D-Heritage  Concept

For those who wish to see it, history is always around us. Our national and cultural heritage is present in buildings, books, landscapes, the design of cities, music, tradition, language and so on.  And while this heritage traditionally comes alive when you visit a museum, it can also be quite inspiring to join a guided tour. During such a tour, the guide shares his or her passion for a specific bit of history with the group and thus preserves a specific bit of cultural or national heritage.

The Multi-D Heritage concept uses a range of new technologies and media to preserve and communicate a wide range of cultural heritage. The concept (registered under BBIE nr 036391)  is unique in that it assembles and accumulates specific bits of heritage (of professions, crafts, communities, industries), positions these onto a key history timeline and indexes these by location. This allows anecdotes to be told, films and photo's to be shown in a multidimensional way. Hence the name: Multi-D Heritage concept.


The multi-dimensional heritage concept can be implemented and used as:

*          an easily accessible web-based or mobile-based digital guide to specific heritage community/topic,

*          a source of documentation of local history, tied to specific geographic locations,

*          the central infrastructure for community-based historiography (local communities, students, pensioners, history clubs or any other group),

*          a referral tool for further information about a specific discipline, profession, industry or community,

*          a training tool for students in the mediamedia, culture, history and museum domain,

*          a permanent digital annex to regular publications or an incidental digital annex for media-campaigns,

*          a virtual frond end of museums, allowing them cost-effective expansion and media-exposure into the public space,

*          community-involving starting point for companies and institutions that wish to use their company heritage to further deepend the relationship with the customer.


For more information on the Multi-D Heritage concept and its application, contact Simon Lelieveldt at: simon(at)